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Catherine Creek 44 Phase III Southern Cross

The project is located along Catherine Creek, approximately 3 miles southeast of the city of Union, Oregon and falls within the Atlas Biological Significant Reach CCC3b1 which is identified as highest priority with Tier 1 actions.

The project is located along Catherine Creek, approximately 3 miles southeast of the city of Union, Oregon and falls within the Atlas Biological Significant Reach CCC3b1 which is identified as highest priority with Tier 1 actions. The Phase 3 reach is located on the Southern Cross Ranch, acquired through the CTUIR's Accord agreement with BPA and protected in perpetuity for the conservation and restoration of salmon and steelhead habitat. The property includes about 0.75 miles of Catherine Creek and 68 acres of historic floodplain. The 402 square mile Catherine Creek watershed in Northeast Oregon's Grande Ronde Basin historically supported viable and productive native fishery resources. Anthropogenic alteration of the watershed has decreased habitat quality, quantity, and fishery productivity, creating decreased fish habitat suitability for multiple key life histories, including juvenile summer and winter rearing, adult holding, and spawning. Habitat limiting factors include: streamflow, passage, water quality, channel and bed form, channel/habitat complexity, side channels, and riparian/wetland habitat. These factors have been detrimental to a host of native aquatic species and contributed to the Endangered Species Act listing of spring-summer Chinook salmon (O. tshawytscha), summer steelhead (O. mykiss) and bull trout (S. confluentus). Restoration objectives seek to facilitate stable channel form with decreased width to depth ratios, riffle cross sectional area, increased sinuosity with tight radius large pools and profile conductive to improving floodplain connectivity with activation of peripheral juvenile rearing habitat. Furthermore, project actions intend to increase large wood complexes and floodplain roughness elements to encourage sediment deposition and riparian vegetation response, install bioengineered edge roughness and brush mattress to maintain channel dimension and decrease streambank erosion and sediment delivery and provide rapid vegetation regrowth and bank cover, and construct peripheral habitat (floodplain complexes and side channels) to increase juvenile rearing habitat, wetland development and hyporheic connectivity.

Project Lead: CTUIR

Project Collaborators: Bureau of Reclamation, Grande Ronde Model Watershed, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Union County Soil and Water Conservation District

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CC 44 Southern Cross Restoration Video

Project Funders

Funder Funding Amount
Bureau of Reclamation$550,000
Grande Ronde Model Watershed$550,000
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife$550,000
Union County Soil and Water Conservation District$550,000

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SC Photo Comparison Re-vegetationCC44SO~1.PDFUploaded file CC44SO~1.PDF
Southern Cross Basis of Design ReportCC-44 BOD with Appendices 100716.pdfUploaded file CC-44 BOD with Appendices 100716.pdf
Southern Cross Design DrawingsCC-44P~1.PDFUploaded file CC-44P~1.PDF
Southern Cross Hydraulics AnalysisCC-44 Xsection hydraulics_1 25yr Fealko.pdfUploaded file CC-44 Xsection hydraulics_1 25yr Fealko.pdf
Southern Cross Hydraulics AnalysisFealko Information CC44 Design Criteria.pdfUploaded file Fealko Information CC44 Design Criteria.pdf
Southern Cross ISRP Presentation 2017Southern Cross ISRP presentation 2017.pdfUploaded file Southern Cross ISRP presentation 2017.pdf
Southern Cross Overview MapVicinity Map.pdfUploaded file Vicinity Map.pdf
Southern Cross Poster RRNW 2017Southern Cross Poster RRNW 2017.pdfUploaded file Southern Cross Poster RRNW 2017.pdf
Southern Cross Project Completion ReportCatherineCreekRM44CompletedProjectReport.pdfUploaded file CatherineCreekRM44CompletedProjectReport.pdf
Southern Cross Tour Handout 2019Southern Cross Handout 2019.pdfUploaded file Southern Cross Handout 2019.pdf

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SC Aerial PhotoSide Channel 2
SC Aerial PhotoSwale 4 & 5
SC Aerial PhotoLower project area
SC Aerial PhotoCottonwood gallery
SC Aerial PhotoSwale 6
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SC Photo Overview Oct 2016Uploaded file SC CC44 Panorama Complete Project Oct 2016.jpg